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Lara Max

  What surrounds me is inspiration for my art, what I create for others is my livelihood.  This picture is of my Great Grandfather in his 1911 Nebraska Blacksmith shop.  My Grand Mother Fern, one of the youngest girls, was a painter.  I have always painted so it was nice to know I shared that gift with my Grandma, It was a fun fact to find out that the black smithing gene was passed down as well. 

Artistisan Blacksmith

Working with traditional blacksmith tools and techniques is a challenge, a facination and a joy.  As I began working with steel it became a new obsession, what would this hammer mark do? How can I capture the experience of drawing with hammers and chisels? It became an extension of how I can translate or communicate an idea or image.  With steel and Copper I have been creating bass that swim under the pickerel weeds and capturing birds in flight and all sorts of other whims. 


Painting has been and probably always will be my comfort. I was encouraged to  create and paint by my parents, always willing to buy more art supplies for classes and shows. I also remember watching my Grandmother painting and the fun trips to there local cafe in Nebraska, where her work hung and the beaming smile she had when complimented on her paintings. 

Water color, acrylic or oil? I choose the type of paint depending on my energy or how I want to translate the images. I was awarded an art scholarship from an art show I entered in High school.  I achieved an associates in Art from Terant County Jr. College in Texas and a B.S. in Art Education from University of Maine in Orono.  

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